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Prue McLoynes

I have grown up with dogs my whole life and have had many breeds I love dogs and all they offer us. (Pretty sure itโ€™s very one sided)

I got my first border collie with the intention of doing agility about 20 years ago and I am currently training and trialing my 4th agility dog. I have been an instructor at club level before both agility and obedience and I have had a wonderful time learning about this amazing sport that gives you a bond with your dog no one can take away. I am still learning every time we train and trial and love the special time away from the stresses of life and just out there doing our thing

I love passing on my passion for the sport and get a real kick out of watching my students faces light up when they achieve something they have been working so hard towards. We have a great community at MyDac and I throughly love being part of this team.